Sepem Colmar 2024

lean SL® - circularly guided rack and pinion cylinders


Lifting movements are carried out in many applications of automation technology. Rack and pinion drives are particularly suitable for this, as they are easy to handle and very sturdy. The rack cylinders of our lean SL® series with circularly guided rack can also be freely combined with each other thanks to our unique modular system. This is why the size of your installation is of no importance: you can - depending on your needs - connect as many gearboxes together as you wish. This flexibility does not only apply to the lean SL® series, but also to the lifgo® series. Rack and pinion gear combinations of both series are also possible without problems. It is thus possible to create installations rich in variations at lower cost. Inexpensive, robust and versatile: these are the exceptional characteristics of the lean SL® rack and pinion cylinders from LEANTECHNIK. For areas that require a certain purity (for example in the food and pharmaceutical industry), our lean SL® round rack elevator is also available in a stainless steel version. If you want, you can get just the housing or the complete gear including pinion, rack, etc. Stainless steel. Additionally, benefit from a wide variety of connections thanks to four different pinion shaft shapes.

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